The precious sapphire is the intensely beautiful birthstone for September. A favourite of Hoskings, we’ve written all about this beautiful stone in this blog. Although it comes in a range of colours, the sapphire is most often associated with its deep, ocean blue tones.

The sapphire is thought to symbolise serenity, good health and joy. Anyone lucky enough to have a September birthday will really appreciate this precious stone as a gift. I mean who wouldn’t love this gold sapphire and diamond pendant? Sapphire jewellery has made headlines more than once with some of the most famous pieces being the engagement ring once worn by Princess Diana and now worn by Duchess Kate Middleton. Hosking’s dazzling 9ct white gold and sapphire diamond flower ring is a beautiful update on that classic style. Penelope Cruz, also wears a sapphire engagement ring which looks a little like this created Ceylon sapphire and diamond ring.