The October birthstone Opal is another favourite here at Hoskings. Opal is synonymous with Australia and how lucky we are to have some of the best opal mines in the world! There’s an old Australian legend that suggests that the creator once visited the earth on a rainbow, to bring a message of peace and when ‘he’ touched the ground the stones were turned to opal and sparkled all the colours of the rainbow. It’s these beautiful rainbow colours that makes the opal truly outstanding. Ranging from a base that can be translucent or milky white all the way through to a deep black, the spectacular feature of the opal is that it highlights many vibrant colours of the rainbow as the stone is turned.

This makes each piece of opal jewellery truly unique and desirable. Just look at the variation from these beautiful gold, diamond and opal earrings to the deep blue opal in this multi-stone and opal pendant. Opal jewellery is said to bring hope and health to the wearer, making it a perfect jewellery gift for everyone.